Tuesday, August 19, 2008

V.P. Pick

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Hillary Clinton

Why? Well, all the party unity stuff, of course. But also, since she's generally not on many of the beltway lists, picking her would be a bold and unexpected move. And despite her long tenure as First Lady and Senator, the ticket would "look" more like a "change" ticket than one with Biden/Kane/Bayh at the number two spot. Of course, Obama/Sebelius would accomplish that as well (no, I'm not hedging--unless of course he picks Sebelius).

I'm very familiar with all the reasons for not picking Clinton, but I think there's a huge upside as well.

I'll also go out on a limb and predict that the pick will be announced just prior to prime time news broadcasts tomorrow (Wednesday). Okay, maybe Thursday (hedge). Waiting any longer would be silly.

Feel free to leave your pick in the comments section.


gwPinetree said...

You are one crrraaazy dude!

I don't have a pick, but I just can't see a smart guy like Obama picking Hillary when it means getting Bill in the bargain.

I just don't see Bill as a campaign asset.

Of course, I'm wrong about this stuff all the time.

gwPinetree said...

OK, I'll go out on a limb and suggest Chris Dodd.

Anonymous said...

I think Barack Obama (Dem-IL) should pick his former rival in the Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses, Hillary Clinton (Dem-NY), to be his vice-presidential running mate. Not only will they make history together as the first black and first woman elected to the presidency and vice-presidency, respectively, but also as the first "gay" president and first "lesbian" vice-president in the process. Such "homosexual" Democratic ticket will be perfect and unstoppable! Just think about it!