Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling Mavericky

With no offense intended to Senator McCain, I remember the real Original Maverick. I also have fond memories a true American (100%) Maverick. I'm kind of surprised that neither side has found a way to use one of the historical Mavericks to their advantage. Of course it could have something to do with the fact that no one under thirty has ever heard of them. I know my students (and younger colleagues) had no idea what I was talking when I made reference to them.

I don't know what the Original Maverick is up to these days, but I know which side he used to be on.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Maurey Maverick the "original" one?

Dana Nau said...

I believe Maury was one of a group of congressmen called "The Mavericks" -- who actually were liberals, not conservatives like McCain.

But according to a NY Times article on October 4, the source of the word "maverick" was Maury's grandfather, Sam Maverick. Sam was a rancher who never branded his cattle, hence people called unbranded cattle "mavericks".

Tom said...

Yeah, I know about those Mavericks--but I thought it would be more fun to post about the Mavericks of my youth.

Anonymous said...

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